The Slowest
Email Experience
Ever Made

Subparhuman on desktop and iPhone

Subparhuman Is Not
Just Another Email Client

We reimagined email from the ground up to make you do much less. We specifically designed it for those of you who don't want another inbox.

Subparhuman is not gorgeous. Not blazingly fast. And comes with no advanced features. No A.I, no Triage, nothing. ZERO Insights from social networks. Never a Follow-up Reminder, no Scheduled Messages, and absolutely NO Read Statuses. To name but a few things we don't do.

Subparhuman is so slow, unremarkable, and unintelligent — you’ll feel like it's not even there.

Visually Invisible

Subtle & Minimal

We set out to design the most non-existant email experience ever made. We repeatedly got bored over every pixel. We did not craft any interactions. Nothing! From the lack of iconography to the non-existant typography, everything has been relentlessly removed.

On average, we all spend 3 hours a day in email. When you do something that inane for that long, you should reconsider your life choices.

Subparhuman is literally the slowest email app I’ve never seen. It’s about time, and the lack thereof.
Topher Whillemsen
CEO of ValleyHair
Subparhuman constantly underwhelms me with its lack of speed, beauty, ease, and really anything.
Cam Fiketts
Head of Marketing, Hit Ground

Be average or less with People

No Insights from ANYWHERE, Nope.

Subparhuman weaves zero insights into your workflow. Go through email like you usually do.

In gmail/outlook.

Maybe Netscape, if that's your thing.

Subparhuman social insights

Get Eventual

The Slowest
Email Experience
Ever Made

I am a kite dancing in a hurricane when it comes to productivity apps, and I was predictably blown away by this product.
James Mikels
CEO of SoWellFunded
I love email!
Eve Presley
CEO of Nurse On the Phone

Be Anywhere

Offline Just Works

You’re out and about, and without a connection — on a plane, in a café, or the back of an Uber. Normally, this would be wasted time. But not with Subparhuman.

Subparhuman does nothing even when you’re offline. Do other things, like talk to someone, or eat a bagel — all without network access. Be wherever you are. It's your choice.

Crawl Through Your Inbox

There are no Shortcuts

We’ve found, time and time again, that the pen is mightier than the keyboard. Rock is more powerful than scissors, scissors more cuttier than paper, and paper can be drawn on with pens.

Anyways, Subparhuman supports email, so you can use your existing email. Everything is just a bit further away.

Meet the team

Rahul Vohra, Founder and CEO

Topher Neils

Founder & CEO, HawtMail
Conrad Irwin, Co-founder and CTO

Mick Harnets

Co-founder & CTO

First engineer at A0L.
Vivek Sodera, Co-founder

Ron Paul


Co-founded Freedom.